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Our initiative

Happy Children


Our highly motivated team represent a good cross section of skills, experience, interests and community knowledge. Many of our team members are  special needs parents who have formerly served as advocates, case managers, ISP liaisons, direct support staff and peer to peer specialists. 


Local mental health  and  behavioral services strive to utilize the resources that are currently available, but even with this help, many transitioning teen aged special needs young adults still face a shortage of options to utilize in their every day life. 


The world wide web has opened a plethora of opportunities which allow centers such as Hunter's Helpers to not only keep in touch but also distribute much needed information in a moments notice.


Hunter's Helpers aims to provide daily living assistance through internet based virtual means. We focus on assisting transitioning young adults who seek to gain stronger skills in daily living activities such as cooking, finance management, daily living planning and community integration. 

Today's Students... Tomorrow Leaders

This Is Our Promise To You

Everyone has a gift to share with the world. We feel that with proper nourishment, encouragement, and support a young persons gift will become not only clearer to themselves but also begin to shine brightly along their path in this world.


Our promise to every member who becomes a part of the Hunter's Helpers family, is that we will listen to you with empathy, compassion, consideration, an open mind and heart.  We challenge you to share with us your time as we offer you advice, knowledge and the know how to leave your mark upon the world!



The Privacy Policy of Hunter’s Helpers Inc. has been updated on October 11,2021.

Virtual Identification Privacy Policy

Hunter’s Helpers fully committed to protecting the personal data of its customers and customer’s end-users.

From its customers, the company collects both personal information (email address, billing information

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