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Hunter's Helpers Life Skill Builder Workshop is a twenty four month program aimed at the development, and retention of essential skills required for community integration post secondary school graduation.  Regardless of whether a member chooses to move out of their home setting or not, skill building is a core life function which will be required of them for the duration of their lives. 


The areas of support may differ greatly from person to person, but the workshop will target overall daily living skills such as grocery shopping, meal preparation, basic housekeeping and laundry prep and more in the first year.


For the final year life specific skills such as community appropriateness, job preparation, medication administration, nutrition planning will be broken down into further detail. 

At the present time staff is not trained to offer tutoring services, but this is a learning component that will be addressed in the future. Enrichment activities will focus on the reduction of conflict and ways to build self-esteem.


Games and interactive role playing will be used to promote learning, positive values, cooperation and prevention education in the areas of violence and substance abuse. Lifeskill workshops are offered every Wednesday!

Masks and Mobile Phones


  • To provide participants with support as they practice daily living skills through a hands-on approach within the confines, safety and comfort of their own environment.

  • In full operation, our workshop aims to limit the time caregivers must miss from work due to the lack of skilled supervision for their children.

  • With intensive skill building, the amount of time needed for supervision from an adult once a new skill is gained, should lesson by at least 40% if the participant attends the project for the full duration of the twenty fourth months.

  • To pair participants with community members as mentors for their academic career thus establishing a relationship with a positive role model outside of the home.

  • To provide a life skills mentor for participants to aid in the successful transitions towards independent living. 

  • To promote interpersonal communication skills focusing on non-technological methods. (Cards, letter writing, etc.)