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Virtual respite is not meant to replace actual in person interaction. The purpose of virtual respite is to alleviate the sense of loneliness that can be caused by isolation. If a person thrives with social interaction, virtual respite may provide a short term solution until in-person interaction can resume.


Hunter’s Helpers Virtual agents work with individuals who cannot due to a myriad of reasons receive assistance outside of the home. This could be due to illness, disease and or injury. In an effort to reduce social isolation, person centered services promote social skills, community skills and aim to increase daily living skills. Services can include daily living skills, community integration and community exploration. Targeted goals can be strategies for increasing positive mental health, emotional wellness and community awareness. Virtual services offer unique experiences which aim to provide social connection, independent skill mastery and recreation exploration for children, youth and adults. 

Virtual respite is by appointment only, before any appointments can be confirmed, an applicant must have a respite application form on file. 


Steps To Follow:

1) Please complete a separate membership application for each client you wish to receive a virtual identification badge for. Please click HERE for a membership application form.

2) Please email our office at to submit this application. When submitting the application please include as an attachment a current photo of the applicant in addition the application form.

If you are choosing to also utilize the Life Locker Service, each client can have up to 20 separate documents in their Life Locker. To add a new document simply text Lifelocker to 1(856)545-8924. Caption any document you would like added to your Life Locker with the caption ADD UP, and our agent will attach the documentation to your Lifelocker and respond with a confirmation text message. 

3) Please allow up to 72 Hours for processing to occur. We do not process applications on the weekends or during night hours. If we need to ask a question or clarify an application, we will never text, email or call your business with a question, comment and or concern after 9pm or before 9 am. 

What Can You Expect After Processing:
Once your application has been processed, your agency will receive a welcome email, with  your Virtual Identification attached. This email will bear the clients member ID number for Hunters Helpers. This is also the same ID number that will be used with their Life Locker.