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A mentor is anyone who has skills and abilities to share with others who are eager to learn and benefit from advice given. A mentor should be able to teach, guide and advise those who wish to improve their current position in life through educational means. A mentor will deliver support, encouragement, tutelage, and empathy to those willing to learn. A true mentor will always offer wisdom and understanding from the standpoint of how can I share my information with others in a way that will be in the student's best interest. 


We ask that any mentor who chooses to be a part of the Hunter's Helpers "Innovation Caucus" Mentor Program is mindful of the content which they post on their social media platforms due to the possibility of mentorship members following the individual on their social media platforms. Due to the nature of the members of our programs, many of whom have intellectual and mental health difficulties, they are quite impressionable thus we as those in a mentorship/leadership capacity must be mindful of the message that our public content conveys. This is not to say that people may not post on their social media platforms their own thoughts and beliefs, but if at any time their posts do not convey ideas which are in alignment with the beliefs and vision of Hunter's Helpers, it may be necessary to separate the working partnership. 

To participate in our mentorship program, we ask that a potential mentor fill out an application, which can be found below. Upon acceptance into the membership program, we ask that all new mentors submit an introduction video which introduces the mentor to our members, describes their background professionally and personally if comfortable. Please share what we can look forward to and how will your participation benefit our program. 

It is the goal of Hunter's Helpers to provide our members with a new mentor on a monthly basis. We would like to offer them the opportunity to learn from a multitude of state, county, and local community leaders. We ask that all mentors are available for (2) two virtual chats with members on a minimum of two occasions within the calendar year. Within 30 days of a virtual chat, members may put together questions which will be forwarded on to the mentor to answer in any capacity they desire such as email, phone calls and or a follow-up video chat.   

Female Developers


For anyone wishing to join the Hunter's Helpers Innovation Caucus, please download a Mentorship Form. Once submitted you will receive a digital welcome packet!

Once our office receives your application, we will reach out to you to determine the best method of member introduction. Mentors may upload a short video, write a short blog post or forward an article about themselves with a small letter of introduction. Nothing will be published, printed and or shared with members without the initial consent and approval from any mentor. 

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