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Medical Team




Information found in the resources listed below will never replace directives

given from a medically trained professional. Hunters Helpers can offer a collection of medical tools tips and resources which are to be used as supplemental resources only. 

For any medical emergencies please call 911 or contact your local health care provider. Hunters Helpers cannot offer any medical advice in any capacity.

The medical cheat sheets on this page are to be used as tools to get clients, students and or individuals used to the type of information that will be asked of them in regards to their own medical history. Learning about yourself and your family is information that you may not commit to memory but doctors and other medical professionals will ask for as long as you seek treatment.

If you have a question regarding your medication you will find the following topics explained in the workbook found below :
Medication  Abbreviation Explanations                             Medication Label Worksheet
Medication Routine Worksheet                                               Medication Contacts Worksheet
Medical Information Cheat Sheet                                          Understanding Medication Instructions
Medical Cheat Sheet Worksheet                                             Medical Appointment Worksheet

If you are building a planner:
Please click  on the icon with the down arrow to download the pdf file. If you would like to print the file, please click on the printer icon found in the upper right corner.