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We all set aside money for upcoming items, and in our minds we tell ourselves, we are only going to spend a set amount, but when we don’t stick to our budget for long periods of time, the amount that we are truly spending begins to take away from items that we had planned on having money for later.


Be mindful of what you are actually spending versus what you tell yourself you are going to budget for.


Delusional budgeting rarely has a positive outcome!

Budgeting Tips:

            -Everyone is all for buying secondhand items. In some cases, cheaper is better than paying full price but there are a few things that you just need to bite the bullet on and pay the money.


Items such as mattresses, car tires, cribs and children’s car seats should never be purchased second hand if you can help it. Its hard to know if these things have been in accidents and are structurally as sound as they should be….Why chance it?

How to budget your finances: 

As of August 2019, Netflix had over 60.1 million subscribers in the United States, with the average cost of a Netflix subscription being $7.99 per month or roughly $95.88 per year.  If we take these same numbers and apply them to an investment calculator we can see that... If we took this very same $7.99 and invested it over a 4 year time period at a rate of $7.99 per month with a 6% return rate, this would give us on average $440.94. We would have contributed a whopping $383.52 over the time span with total interest being $49.43. Can we retire on $440.04, well no but the point is just to show that we can save a lot more than we give ourselves credit for.


In this new digital age there are so many apps on our phone which will allow us to invest the spare change from our purchases or even a set amount over a period of time. 

We must be mindful of where our money is going. With modern technology, it is very easy to save your debit/credit card number to an app or your personal computer, and simply click “BUY NOW!” and whoosh the money comes out of your bank account.


But if you have to take time to enter your card number, this gives you time to really think, do you really need this item? Better yet do you have to have it right now? If you like to splurge on yourself for small luxuries such as a candy bar at the end of the week, or coffee on Fridays, plan out these items, so that your bill/necessities money is not utilized.

Budgeting TIps