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Mental Health is a very delicate topic to discuss. It is the invisible ailment suffered by many but recognized by few. If we see someone with a cast on a limb, it is almost automatic to inquire as to how they got the injury. But someone suffering from depression, or any other mental health issue may smile, laugh and be quite personable thus we are none the wiser that they are struggling with inner turmoil. And it is this deception due to omission that causes many people to overlook the signs of mental health issues in friends, family, and coworkers.  

In many cases, inner turmoil is often responsible for a lot of the mental anguish that many people face on a daily basis. Some thoughts are true in that they were words actually said and other thoughts may have been imagined or even interpreted in a way that has caused harm. As humans, we are highly self critical, and often times, we do not know what to do with the criticism that we aim at ourselves. We bombard our minds with questions such as, "Why do we feel like we have not achieved the success that we are deserved?" This is a loaded question, are we basing our answer off of our own success or that of those around us?

The person that we have to worry about first and foremost is ourselves. No one else! Not saying other people in our lives are not important, but if we cannot take care of ourselves, how can we take care of anyone else?

When anyone takes on responsibility for their own actions, they have taken the first steps towards mental and emotional freedom. Do you feel like you are ready to move forward and begin taking on more adult responsibilities in your life?


Not only do we have to take responsibility for ourselves and our actions, but we have to be personally accountable to ourselves. If we make a goal then we must stick with it, if we don’t then we need to figure out why we are not a man or woman of our word?

What are you willing to give up or temporarily sacrifice in order to get the items you want in life?

What action do you feel you should take in order to begin the path to personal success in life?

We are our own advocate, hype man, cheerleader, spin doctor and public relationships expert. So as we wear a multitude of hats, we must really ponder on how effective is the service we provide for ourselves? Do you feel like you are the best advocate for yourself?

Do you know what a good decision will look like? (A decision that is purely in your own best interest?) 

As an we cheer on healthy purposeful decision making or are we positivity one hit wonders?


In some cases, we do okay on certain things but not on others.

Do you feel like you are consistent when looking out for your own interests?

Decision Making: What are the risks/consequences of the decision I am about to make?

When making a decision

1) Gain a clear understanding of what the problem is.

2) Decipher what information you currently have.

3) Think long and hard, weight out your options, what alternatives do you have?

4) Consider the pros and cons of what happens on either side of your decision. Are there positive outcomes to your decision? Are there negative outcomes to your decision that you can think of at this moment?

5) Before making any decision, think futuristically, will the outcome be in your favor? If not, how can you create a situation so that the outcome does not impact you greatly.

6) Once you make the decision, reflect on your decision making, was it a good choice for you?


As our own PR specialists what face do we show the world, and what face are we left with in private when we strip away all of the additives? Do you feel like behind closed doors you are the same person or remotely similar to the person you show in public or are you a completely different?

We ask this question because, if you are going to take steps towards gaining a clear and sound headspace, first you must be clear on who you are and what you want not only out of life but from yourself as well.


Do you feel as though you are ready to move forward?

The same way that social media apps allow us to add filters, colors, and distort our own reality for the benefit of others, where does the filter stop and our own reality start?


Do you feel like you are realistic in your views of what you want for yourself both presently and in the future?

Any success that we are going to have, plan on having or even entertain the idea of having begins with change.


We must change what we are doing and how we think today in order to make a way for a new style of thinking which will lead to a different tomorrow.


We must first ask ourselves, are we going to be continuous VICTIMS or are we going to be constantly striving VICTORS. We need to sit ourselves down and become clear on a few things. It's not an easy conversation to have but we must ask ourselves simple yet potentially painful questions....

What is holding me back today?

There is nothing simple about handling difficulties when plagued by mental health issues. If you feel that your problems are too big to handle alone, please contact your primary provider in order to gain access to help. If you do not have a doctor please review any of the resources listed below to gain assistance with accessing help. 

Mental health TIps:

National mental health resources

mental health Tools

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Self Care Workbook

This workbook is filled with a variety of engaging templates to assist with daily living.


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Page 02: 6 Types of Self Care

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Life Management Workbook

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Page 11: Problem Solving Pros & Cons

Page 22: Time Management

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Page 40: Mood Tool Kit

Bonus: Journal Writing
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