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Group of Friends
Group of Friends


Learning daily living skills does not have to be a painful process! Enjoy lively, fun filled weekly activities!


Meeting on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Friday's, our weekly enrichment groups were formed to provide a support system for community members. We feel that it is beneficial to collaborate with peers who may not otherwise meet in their everyday lives. Our hope is that all participants will be introduced to new ideas, thoughts, and daily living tools.


Virtual meetings held at the beginning of each week provide a safe, comfortable place where members can formulate ideas as a group on how to successfully plan out their weekly daily living activities.

Each week members can download the current week's workbook pages. ​ Any online games, activities, and or printable tools are covered in the cost of the class. Classes meet on average sixteen times per month in an hour and a half increments.  Group sessions are recorded and uploaded to the video library at the end of each week. 


 Each meeting is divided into 4 sessions which are as follows 1) Weekly Reflection 2) Group Daily Living Planning 3) Skill Building & Life Assessments and finally 4) Team Building Exercises/Games


Group activities have a multitude of benefits such as:​

Increased self-confidence



Leadership and decision-making skills

Increased self-esteem


Masks and Mobile Phones

Monday's & Friday Meetings

Meeting from 6 P.M. to 7:30 PM


Group Focus: Budgeting, Grocery Shopping, Bill Paying, Time management, Positive Community Navigation

tuesday's & Thursday's Meeting

Meeting from 6 P.M. to 7:30 PM


Group Focus: Positive Communication, Time Management, Job Application & Resume Skills, Stress Management

People with Masks

Choosing the right group

There are 2 skill building groups offered each week. The enrichment group focuses on skills that are already present and simply require further education and increased skill level attainment. The skill building group focuses on identifying life skills needed for post-secondary independent living.


While anyone is free to join into the meetings, Hunter's Helpers Life skill sessions were originally designed to assist high school students. It is our goal to provide services which may enable students to successfully transition  into post-secondary living. 


Hunter's Helpers Enrichment Group

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